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Kliptown Photo Project

Join us for a very special fundraising event for the Kliptown Photo Project.  The Kliptown Photography Project is an organization put together by Linda Dukess and Jody DiPerna, both of whom are dear friends of our tavern and all around menschs.  Their project is based on the poverty-stricken settlement of Kliptown, in Soweto, South Africa.  Moved by their experience touring the neighborhood several years ago, and inspired to make a difference, Jody and Linda formed the Kliptown Photography Project.  Its mission is to bring digital photography to the people of Kliptown, by bringing the necessary equipment and training to the people.  It's goal is to empower the people of Kliptown to show us their world through their own eyes.  

More about the project can be found here.

We at the Independent want to help on Friday, May 30.  Every person who donates $10 or more to the Kliptown project while at our bar (we'll have Kliptown reps on site helping you donate), will get their first beer on our tab.  

Additionally, we will do our best to pay homage with a South African inspired food menu and South African vinyl on our player.