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People were shocked when Tom Cruise lost his ish all over Oprah's couch in 2005.  We weren't.  We'd seen that act before: the sh$t eating grin; the awkward and jerky movements; the faux-teenage hormonal response; the desperate attempt to convince anyone watching that he was in love with a woman.  That was no Katie-Holmes-induced, love tantrum.  That was Cruise reprising his 1988 role of Brian Flanagan in his seminal* work, "Cocktail."  (C.f. Oprah Couch with The Hippy Hippy Shakes scene)

By the way, did you know that the movie "Cocktail" is about cocktails?**  Did you know that we serve cocktails?  Did you know that on Saturday, Adam is putting together an evening of cocktails inspired by the movie "Cocktail?"   

Cocktails lovers and 80s lovers alike, be sure to swing in on Saturday.  Adam will be joined behind the bar by Max Stein, who normally can be found behind the bar at Meat & Potatoes, and together they will play the parts of Flanagan and Coughlin.  Adam apparently has elected to play the role of Coughlin.  It's a dark choice, but fit his native Australian accent too well for him to pass up.  

The cocktails will all be cocktails from the movie, but updated in the vein of modern mixology (the 80s was a terrible, terrible decade for the cocktail).  We'll be playing as much 80s vinyl as Jerry can sell me, which may either be a lot or a little:  frankly, I've never looked.  Cocktails begin pouring at 5 p.m.

*  Yes, it's literally seminal.  

**  It's not about cocktails.  The cocktails are a metaphor for life ... man.