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Fat Tuesdays

Every Tuesday at the Independent is Fat Tuesday, our food and cocktail salute to the city of New Orleans.  

New Orleans culture encompasses what we try to do at the IBC:  good music, good food, good booze are all great standing alone, but, what's really special is when you can bring them together in harmony, in a no-frills, unpretentious environment where you can enjoy them, without distraction and without reservation.  Turn off the televisions and the pop-40 music jukeboxes.  Banish bland pre-programmed radio stations intended not to offend customers. Eradicate bland, tasteless macro brews.  Get rid of the synthetically flavored vodkas.  Celebrate beautiful horn sections.  Imbibe simple but perfect cocktails that rely on quality spirits and complex flavors.  Drink beers with big flavors.  Embrace the fact that it's not a sin to have a drink on weeknights.  Be bold.  Laissez les bons temps rouler.

What would be a sin, however, is to celebrate New Orleans without a barman shaking and stirring the classic cocktails that New Orleans made famous.  And for that purpose, Lucky Munro (the painproof man) will be behind that bar every Tuesday turning out classics with the same big personality, lack of pretense, and esoteric knowledge of the trade that makes NOLA the most enjoyable place on earth to have a cocktail.  

And for your dining pleasure, we offer Chef Monique's (now famous) Gumbo for $5 a bowl.  

And, finally, yours truly will faithfully spend his day at Jerry's Records selecting only the best pieces of vinyl showcasing only the best New Orleans musicians for your listening pleasure.  We're going to give you that 'bone,* so be ready to swing and bop.

Put down your work week for a few hours and join us tonight to reclaim your soul with music, booze, beer, and food.  

Pete K.

*  Trombone, that is -- settle down.   

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