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Festivus! With, um, Festivus!

The War On Festivus and What You Can Do.

At the Independent, we have taken up arms in the cultural war that modern society has waged against our most sacred holiday tradition.  We are fighting back against the war on Festivus.    

Did you know that most modern households have forsaken the traditional Festivus pole for a Christmas Tree or Menorah?  Even Kwanzaa candles have a significantly higher market share than our humble pole.  And those stores that are brave enough to carry Festivus poles only do so under the guise of euphemisms like "ski" poles or "flag" poles or "tad"poles.  

Fortunately, one other brave commercial institution is willing to fight back against our anti-Festivus society.  Even more fortunately, they brew beer.  So, on Tuesday, December 23, join the Independent and Full Pint Brewing Company, as we put family back in Festivus, by offering you temporary refuge from your family during this Holiday season.  

We'll offer all of your most cherished Festivus traditions.  You can celebrate around our Festivus pole*!  Test your mettle by trying Chef Monique's "Feats of Strength," a dish so spicy, that you'd rather be wrestling your father!  Air your grievances by leaving a nasty yelp review about Mo's "Feats of Strength."  Drink some sort of cocktail or something.  Most importantly, drink Festivus, Full Pint's winter ale, and the only beer in town that has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the institutional war on Festivus.

What:  Festivus

Why:  Because Festivus

When:  Tuesday, December 23, 5 p.m. until you pin your father.

More What:  The "Feats of Strength"  It's so spicy, we'll be you a beer you can't finish it.**  Details available upon request.

See you at the IBC.

Pete K.

*  There probably won't be a pole.  

**  Feats of Strength is real, though.  We'll give you a free beer of your choosing if you finish it.  

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