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Holding My Own: Valentine's Day for Independent Spirits

Tomorrow evening, the Independent proudly presents, "Holding My Own: Valentine's Day for Independent Spirits."

No -- this isn't some sort of singles-only party.  Nor is this some sort of jaded "down with love" theme.  It's simply a recognition of what we believe to be true:  Valentine's day, whether you're in a relationship or not, is, well, just kind of another day -- unless you're the USPS, a hotel that charges by the hour, a paper manufacturer, or Kleenex.  And we don't really want to play along with the commercial hype, or at least not in any conventional sense.

No price gouging awkward couples on awkward dinner dates.  No silly decorations.  No silly flowers for your date, once again reminding her that YOU didn't get her flowers.  No silly elevator music making the place "romantic."  

But, silly cocktails?  Yes!   For Lovers, we'll offer the "Casa Blanca:" A champagne and Boyd & Blair Balsam Vermouth cocktail that will transport you to the African coast with a Moroccan fog.  For the ... um ... recently liberated, Lucky presents the "Saint Valentines' Day Massacre:"  An Irish Whiskey Cocktail with spherified blood-red liqueur.

Food Specials:  In addition to our regular dinner menu, Mo is making a few specials that can be assembled for one or for two.   But, if you're alone, I recommend getting the special for two anyways.  Because, I mean, seriously, f&%k Karl.  That guy was a dick.  You're better off.  He probably would have asked you to pay, so you might as well take a serving to go this time! 

Staying in for the night?  Nothing says "let's make love until dawn" like a couple of 32 ounce crowlers of fresh beer, except for maybe a couple of 32 mg VIAGRA.  Conversely, nothing pairs better with 32 ounces of ice cream than 32 ounces of Four Season's Belgian Tripel (which at 9.5% abv, also pairs well with falling asleep fully clothed on the couch with a box of Triscuits and a pile of Kleenex ... KAAARRRRRLLL!!!).

Enough of this Hallmark crap!  You'll celebrate Valentine's Day however you damn well please.  

See you at the Independent!

Pete K.