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Human Rights Day and Waikiki Wednesday


Tomorrow is Human Rights Day, the anniversary of the United Nations Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on December 10, 1948. 

At the Independent, that day will not go unrecognized.  Recent events should be a reminder that our the world, our country, and our city all have a considerable way to go to ensure that the values of equality, fair treatment, and mutual respect are universally held and enjoyed.  

Tomorrow we'll host our good friends Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance after they release their Human Rights City Action plan and present the same to City Council.  And, we'll help raise money for another great organization, New Voices Pittsburgh, by donating one dollar from every beer and cocktail that we sell tomorrow night to that organization.  

And, what better way to celebrate cultural equality, fair treatment, and mutual respect than some beautiful and delicious Tiki Drinks.  Tomorrow, we proudly announce the inaugaral Waikiki Wednesday, with Lucky the Painproof Man shaking Tiki drinks from 5 to 11.  Aloooooohhhhaaaa!  

Let's have some fun tomorrow, raise some money, and re-resolve ourselves to treating people better and asking that others do as well.

See you at the Independent!

Pete K.