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New Year's Eve 1987

From the same folks that brought you that beer you drank last week, comes "New Year's Eve 1987, a/k/a "Hot Tub Mime* Machine."

What:  An 80s-themed New Year's Eve Party

Why?:  Because you like the 80s.

When:  8p to 2a, December 31, 2014 through January 1, 2015

Costs:  $50 tickets (limited to first 50 purchasers);  All Beers $4; All Punches $6.  Tickets include complimentary "Ball Drop** Champagne Punch" and all the hors d'oeuvres and late night snacks you care to eat.  DJ Matt Buchholz playing your favorite 80s tracks all night.

80s Costumes?:  Required-ish

Purchasing Tickets?:  Sold, in advance, at the Independent.  Ticket Sales begin Wednesday, December 10, at 5 p.m.


Step back in time (via hot tub or by your own preferred time-travel mechanism) to New Year's Eve 1987/1988.  It was a simpler time: the Supreme Court had just heard argument in Hustler Magazine v. Falwell and Ronald Reagan was doing what EVERYONE thought was just a bang -up job.  On December 31, 1987, you find yourself fresh off the slopes and super amped to hit the bar with your totally awesome apres-ski duds.  You're looking good and ready to bring in 1988. 

We're turning our dining area into a dance floor for one night only.  DJ Matt Buchholz will play all your favorite 80s hits. Adam and Lucky will be concocting 80s*** punches for your alcoholic enjoyment.  All beers will be $4 all night and all punches will be $6 all night.  All food is free with the price of admission:  

Tickets on sale beginning Wednesday at the Independent.  

Pete K.

*  What's a "mime machine?"  It's silly word play, infringement avoidance, or it's literal -- we haven't decided yet.  Alternative titles include "Hot Tub Lime Machine," "Hot Tub Crime Machine," and (my personal favorite) "Hot Tub Thyme Machine."  

**  Phrasing?

*** The punch recipes are actually from the 1880s.  Adam and Lucky were in the wrong mime machine.