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Orval Day

Long before the American craft-beer crazes of brett beers  and dry-hopping, there was a Trappist brewery in Belgium that just so happened to be doing both.  That brewery was "Orval."

Orval has been producing its signature brand of beer since the 1930s. It has inspired numerous brewers around the world with its uniquely funky, crisp beer that esteemed beer writer Michael Jackson* called "a world classic.”

Orval is funky but without being obtrusively so.  It is not overburdened by the signature "barnyard" notes from brettanomyces yeast.  Nor is it a vinegar bomb like many of its lambic cousins.  Its crisp hop profile makes it refreshing on its own or with dinner.  And, Orval is one of the few beers that ages particularly well over the course of several years.  

This Saturday we will celebrate Orval Day, a day promoted by Merchant du Vin (Orval's American importer) to raise money for MAP International, which provides medicine to countries and regions in need throughout the world.  Merchant du Vin will donate Fifty Cents for every bottle of Orval sold across the United States on Saturday.

We're going to do our part by offering you the opportunity to order a bottle of Orval from 5 different bottling dates through 2015-2017.  And, to show of the range of this unique beer (and of our new menu from Chef Jamilka Borges), we're going to recommend a pairing for each of those beers.