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Pennsylvania Game Dinner with Marc Vetri at Bar Marco -- A charity dinner for Food Revolution Pittsburgh Cooking Club



It's with great pleasure that I formally announce that the Independent has joined our friends at Bar Marco to fight the Food Revolution.  Our revolution has a clear and achievable goal.  We got off the sidelines to help Bar Marco reach that goal, and now we're calling on you to join us.

What is the Food Revolution and What is Food Revolution Day?

Food Revolution is part of a broader, international movement to return the world, and specifically our children, back to real food cooked by real people.  The emphasis is on teaching people in our schools and in our communities-at-large fundamental cooking skills and providing them access to cooking resources and ingredients, with the aim of getting people to cook good, healthy food for themselves.  Food Revolution Day is a day-long, global call to action, held on May 16th.  In Pittsburgh, it will be held at Obama Academy.  The day is a celebration of good food as well as an informational session.  The best chefs in the city were there last year and will be there again this year, along with numerous exhibitors.  

What is Pittsburgh Cooking Club?

During the One Young World event held here in Pittsburgh in 2012, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and the spearhead of Food Revolution, called on Pittsburgh to improve its eating habits.  Bar Marco, and one if its owners Bobby Fry, among others, took that call seriously.  They raised over $9,000 at a charity dinner and founded the Pittsburgh Cooking Club at Obama Academy.  The club meets on a weekly basis and is joined, each week, by any number of Pittsburgh's best chefs, who teach a cooking lesson to the kids in the club.  Kids learn about technique, ingredients, health and nutrition.  In essence, the kids learn to cook for themselves, and, in the process are equipped with the skills to take their own nutrition into their own hands.  

What is the future of Pittsburgh Cooking Club?

This is where we need your help.  It's time to take this revolution on the road, and that means two things:  (1) expanded Pittsburgh Cooking Club locations at additional Pittsburgh Public Schools (including goals of bringing the club the IBC's home schools, Colfax, Minadeo, and Allderdice); and (2) broadening the kids ability to interact with the community and share the food that they cook.  We can meet those goals with one achievement:  A state of the art Food Truck for Pittsburgh Cooking Club.  Our vision is no more complex, but less ambitious, than the following:  we want a not-for-profit food truck, that is overseen by local chefs, that employs Pittsburgh Public kids, that sells inexpensive but nutritious food anywhere it goes, that informs the community that good food is possible anywhere, and that roams from school to school, and involves as much of the community as it can.  

How you can be a part of that future:

It ain't cheap to buy a good food truck that is responsibly powered (we're talking as little carbon emissions as practically possible) and that is large enough and equipped well enough to become a mobile learning and cooking center.  We need to raise money if Food Revolution Pittsburgh Cooking Club is going to go to the next level.  You can help us do that in two ways.

(1)  We have put together a charity dinner that is nothing short of extraordinary.  It's called the Pennsylvania Game Dinner, and, as you probably put together, it will serve the best of Pennsylvania's countryside.  What's more?  Well, Pittsburgh chef Justin Severino of Cure Restaurant, who is perhaps the best qualified human to take you on a tour of Pennsylvania game will be cooking that night.  And yes, that Marc Vetri (you know him from, well, everywhere, as he's one of the best Chefs in the world) is joining us from Philadelphia to cook for you that night too, along with Justin and Jamilka from Bar Marco, Stephen Felder from Stagioni, Sam DiBatista from Vivo and Michele Savoia from Dish.  It will be held at Bar Marco on Sunday, November 23rd.  I have attached the informational flyer.  If you don't want to be transported to another, happier dimension by the food on your plate, by all means, don't join us that evening.  But, if you like food, you want to help the kids, and you always wanted to try Marc Vetri's award-winning restaurant, then you should come.  The dinner is a fixed price of $150 per person.  Cocktail hour begins at 6 p.m.; dinner at 7:30.  No tickets required, simply make your reservation by calling Bar Marco at 412-613-1420 or emailing

(2)  The next time you get your check at the Independent or Bar Marco, you'll notice a donation card.  If you are so generous as to simply give to the Pittsburgh Cooking Club, then both establishments will be able to process your donation with your check, if you are so inclined to give.

Thank you all so much for your consideration of this project.  We are very excited to join Bar Marco in this cause and we hope that you are as well.  

See you at the Independent,

Pete K.