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The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved

"What I was trying to find in Churchill Downs that weekend was a 

symbol, in my own mind, of the whole doomed atavistic culture that 

makes the Kentucky Derby what it is."

-- Hunter S. Thompson, The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved,

Bourbon.  Big hats.  Seersucker.  Bourbon.  Mint Juleps.  Decadence.  Southern Cuisine.  Bourbon.  We'll be celebrating (and simultaneously loathing) all of these things at the Derby.  Day drinker?  We kick it off with Lunch/Brunch beginning at noon, with a special Derby day menu to form the proper base for your day drinking.  Your attire should either be "infield" or "grandstand," a celebration of Kentucky casual attire or the attire of the Kentucky Gentry.  Either way, it should be spring-appropriate. Your choice. We don't have televisions, but fear not, we'll play the Derby in the most exciting medium to experience it (other than live), with a live radio feed of "the call."  Our vinyl will play everything from standards to "southern" rock. Dinner will begin service at 5 p.m., and will also be a celebration of Southern cuisine.  We'll be serving the Brew Gentlemen Beer Company's "White Sky," a Chai-Spiced wheat beer to wash down your food. This is going to be a blow out.  This is going to be an experience.  This is going to be an annual party.

"For a confused instant I thought that Ralph had brought 

somebody with him--a model for that one special face we'd been looking 

for. There he was, by God--a puffy, drink-ravaged, disease-ridden an awful cartoon version of an old snapshot in some 

once-proud mother's family photo album. It was the face we'd been 

looking for--and it was, of course, my own. Horrible, horrible..."

Later Event: May 10