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Waikiki Wednesday


Sick of the cold weather?  Gray skies left you blue?  There's no cure for weather-related depression quite like a bearded man in a grass skirt.  And friends, when it comes to bearded men in grass skirts, we are chock-full of that.  

Wednesdays are Waikiki Wednesdays at the Independent.  That means Tiki cocktails, Hawaiian food specials (tonight just happens to be a pork belly crostini, on Kings Hawaiian rolls, with manchego cheese), exotica music, and, yes, at least one bearded man in a grass skirt.  That bearded man happens to be Lucky the Painproof Man.  He's a pain-performer, a reality television show star, and in selected (and highly-specialized) publications, he's a part-time model.  But, most importantly, he's the master of Tiki in the City of Pittsburgh.  And, in your time of most-desperate tiki need, he's the only man to guide you out of the cold and onto the warm, sandy beaches of Waikiki -- not of course by airplane, but by cocktail.*

Make no mistake, these cocktails are no premixed, over-sweetened, syrupy disasters.  These are well-balanced creations that make even the most entrenched modern-day mixologist cry for mercy.  This is no hokey faux-tiki experience at a place that sells more-flavored vodkas that we carry beers.  This is the real deal.This is no event; this is an experience. It warms the soul and leaves you feeling happy now that your week is half over.  

Ameliorate your condition. Join us this evening.

Pete K.

*  And also perhaps by small boat, provided that the boat is a skiff, and that the skiff is a metaphor (for a larger boat).  

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