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WEST Versus EAST (Full Pint vs. Free Will Brewing)

At the Independent, we only serve beer brewed right here in Western, PA.  We're Pens fans and Pirates fans, and while we may have good friends in Eastern, PA, it doesn't mean we don't hate the Flyers and the Phillies.  Full Pint is a great Pittsburgh Brewery.  Free Will is a great Eastern, PA brewery that shares a great friendship with Full Pint (they share hops, swap other brew ingredients, and generally cavort together).  But that friendship ends at the door of the Independent on Friday, May 2.  In the spirit of Eastern and Western PA's ongoing competition, the Independent will put on tap its first beers from Eastern, PA, but only so we can pit them against our Western, PA favorites.  We'll have four beers on tap from each brewery -- four styles and one from each brewery.  Your incredibly difficult and unpleasant job (it's tough for you here at the Independent) is to drink those beers and compare them.  We'll make life even more difficult for you by serving late night snacks with your beer.  In the spirit of East vs West, Mo's putting together a Philly Fries and a Pittsburgh Fries for your enjoyment.