Hitchcock Halloween Updates, 10/22

Good Evening:

This party is right around the corner.  You've got questions and I've got long-winded announcements.  Accordingly, brace yourselves -- I'm going to be bringing you updates on a regular basis, in what we're calling:  "A Hitchcock Halloween:  Your Questions Answered!"  In today's installment, I wax poetic about dancing, tickets, and the death and rebirth of Pittsburgh's industry.  

Should I buy my tickets now or wait?  

You should ... you MUST ... buy your tickets as soon as possible.  Do not wait if you want to guarantee your attendance.  Why?  Several reasons:  First, tickets are going fast.  Correction, they're going very fast now, especially after we released this video (People respond really well to beautiful women committing homicides -- just ask Courtney Love!).  They're going so well, in fact, that we are likely to sell out soon. HOWEVER, if we are able to sell enough tickets up front, we CAN open up more tickets sales.   So, your social/civic duty is to buy quickly and instruct your friends to do the same.  Ironically, the more tickets we sell early, the less likely it is that the event will  sell out.   Tickets on sale here:  http://hitchcockhalloweenpgh.eventbrite.com/?aff=ibcblog

Speaking of that Video...

I've had a number of folks ask me about how the hell we pulled off a video of that quality, with our being the drunken imbeciles and all.  We didn't -- the extremely talented Jeff Myers of THIS IS RED agency downtown did that video.  THIS IS RED does work for people like Coca Cola, Dolby, and, um the Independent Brewing Company.  Additionally, to address your inquiries:  none of the actresses or actors are single.  That cop sure is sexy, but -- sorry ladies -- he's taken!

Can I "shake it" at this party?

Yes.  Ohhhhh yes.  Like a Polaroid freakin' picture.  We're promising the most bad-ass dance floor that you have ever graced.   Let me put it this way:  if your ass is a paint brush,then its canvass is an industrial dance floor, lined with graffiti, enclosed by 50' high steel beams that form the BASE of a cathedral ceiling, and side-lit with eco-friendly LED lights that provide just enough of a glow so that you can see what you're doing, but not so much of a glow that you can see what you're doing.   [drops the mic...walks away]. 

Is this a "Good" Cause?

Whether you're a moral relativist or a religious zealot, you can agree that this is a "good" cause.  Portions of the ticket sales are being donated to our wonderful hosts, Rivers of Steel, who maintain the Carrie Furnaces as a National Landmark.  The Carrie Furnaces are the history not only of our region; they're the history of our nation.  And as much as the greedy industrialists who exported our iron industry to China would like you to forget that we once made things here, Rivers of Steel isn't going to let you forget.  Come treasure these monuments to our prior industrial might, and, in turn, become inspired to rebuild our region with new sustainable industry.  

Tomorrow:  I introduce our DJs, remind you of the importance of quality and sturdy footwear, and reveal my Halloween costume.  Spoiler alert:  it's quite revealing, indeed.

Pete K.