Rock that Costume Right

Annnnd, we're back with today's edition of "Hitchcock Halloween Party:  Your Questions Answered!"

I'm getting hot and heavy into costume planning here.  Anything I need to know?

As an initial matter, you don't have to dress to the theme.  I personally think that it would be hilarious if every guy wore the exact same gray suit, white shirt, and skinny black tie, a la Don Draper; but, while that would certainly fit the late 50s / early 60s "look," none of us are going to look as good as Jon Hamm.

So, regardless of sex, gender, age, and taste, express yourself that evening --  but you'd be wise to do so within the following two guidelines.

1.  Wear "outdoor" shoes.  Most of the party is indoors, but even indoors, the terrain can be a bit rough.  So wear something that will prevent you from twisting ankles or skinning toes.  You can rock that sexy 60s cocktail dress just as well (and a heck of a lot more comfortably and safely) in a cute pair of sturdy flats. as you would in 6 inch stilettos.  

2.  Dress as light as you'd like, but be SURE to bring something warm to throw on -- Current weather predictions are sunny (yay!) but a low of 39 degrees (boo!).   Don't worry -- we're not animals -- we'll have fire barrels in the courtyard and also space heaters in the A/C Powerhouse (which will likely warm up from human heat pretty well too).  But, plan to have a couple of layers.  No one is going to stop you from coming naked and wrapped in a bloody shower curtain, but be sure to bring a blanket to wrap yourself in when you go into the courtyard.  

Oh, and if you don't have tix yet, for goodness sake, get them now!