Local beer is fresh beer.  Fresh beer is good beer. 

And as such, there is no better beer to drink in Pittsburgh than the craft beer that is brewed here and in our countryside. The Independent Brewing Company is a tavern located in Squirrel Hill dedicated to serving fresh, local beer, made only by Western Pennsylvania breweries. We are obsessed with Beer and we do our best to show it off in a laid-back tavern filled with good people, good conversation, and good music (which we play exclusively on our vinyl record player). 


We believe that the best beer starts in the hands of local, craft brewers who pour the pride of their cities and towns into each barrel of beer.  Pittsburgh's craft beer community has quickly grown and matured over the past ten years and we're proud to showcase that community of breweries and brewers under one roof.  We wanted to build a place that would help our region's craft brewers grow, expand their brands, show off new and unique products, and collaborate. In short, we hope that the Independent can be a tavern where you can drink beer on a bar stool next to the person who made it.

We named our craft beer tavern after a cartel of local brewers that existed in Pittsburgh prior to prohibition. In the early 1900s, the Independent Brewing Company was created to represent the interests of small, local breweries from the Pittsburgh region.  Their idea:  we must band together to compete against the bigger regional and national brewing companies. Prohibition brought an end to the Independent Brewing Company.  However, in homage to the concept that local breweries can live or die together, we wanted to restore the name and the logo for our tavern.  Much like the original Independent Brewing Company, we stand for the concept that local craft breweries and taverns like ours are the best way to ensure that Pittsburgh remains a city known for its good beer, good food, and good people.