April 18, 2014 Weekend at the Indie

Welcome to yet another installment of my weekly* email regarding the Independent, a/k/a "the Indie," a/k/a "the IBC," a/k/a "that place from before, with the people, and that one beer, remember?"

First, we've been here a while and people are beginning to notice.  Some people even say nice things, like this review at Pittsburgh Magazine.  http://www.pittsburghmagazine.com/Best-of-the-Burgh-Blogs/After-Dark/April-2014/Bar-Exam-The-Independent-Brewing-Co/  We particularly liked this paragraph, because we think it "gets us:"**  

"With its decidedly spartan layout, bevy of local beers and wines and casual demeanour, Squirrel Hill’s newest watering hole is manna from heaven for anyone nearby who’s looking for a great drink and a pleasant conversation sans pretention or distractions — except for perhaps the soothing crackle that accompanies the old records being played from behind the bar...

Combine the design of the place with the laid-back approach to service, and anyone stopping in will immediately relax. Just walk in, grab a table and start consuming the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Rick James or any other artists whose records are in the bartenders’ sizable collection."

The feeling described therein -- substance over form, but without being a jerk about it -- is exactly what we were looking to create, and we're proud that Pittsburgh Mag picked up on it.  We're also happy that someone used "spartan" to describe our decor***, and not our underwear.  

Some commentary, alas, hasn't been as positive.  Take for instance twitter follower ("tweeter?"), @markorobert77, who writes:

"@IndependentPGH you are a shitty little dive which will go out of business by the end of the year."

We  don't agree, Mark.  But we do respect your tweet as the high-caliber, critical commentary that is your trade, as evidenced by the tweet immediately prior:  

"Damn, those totino' pizza rolls are popping."

Bravo, Mark -- that's some hard-hitting stuff.

But we celebrate the bad comments with the good.  And, in this instance, we'll literally be celebrating New Year's Eve with a "Go F*&k Yourself, @markorobert77 Party."**** Totino Pizza Rolls will be on the house right after the ball drops.  

But enough about us.  Let's talk about you.  This weekend, as we prepare to update our inventory for spring, we're going to wet your whistle with a celebration of spirits and beers at lowered prices.  The Ardbeg, Brugal 1888, El Tesoro, Scorpion, and Dutch's Peach Brandy are all selling at $2-$3 lower than their original price.  We'll also drop the price of a number of beers to $4 this weekend to make some room in our kegerators for the "collaboration beers" for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week" and the seasonal Hefeweizens we intend to pour once the weather is consistently nice, a/k/a "Hefeweizen weather." (There's not joke here.  It's just what I like to call nice weather)

With regard to food, our weekly taco is a Roasted lamb, cauliflower puree topped with pepper, herb and pine nuts.  That just sounds awful, right?*****  We also have a Friday-night special for the vegetarians and vegans:  Falafel bites with hummus and tomato, cucumber, pita, on a salad.  That small plate sells for $7.

If you're looking for value, you'll find it at the IBC this weekend.  We won't be selling Totino Pizza Rolls.  But we will be supplying you the same great taste, at the same great price!******

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We will be CLOSED for brunch on Easter Sunday.  

Faithfully Submitted,

Pete K.

*  Read:  "occasional."

**  Like your high school prom date that your parents never liked.

***  Another appropriate adjective would be "nonexistent."

****  This wasn't my idea.  I really wish I could take credit.  

*****  Or, at least, not as good as Totino Pizza Rolls.  

******  The taste will be better; the price will also be higher with respect to most, if not all, products sold.