Happy Thanksgiving from the Independent

As Robbie Robertson famously wishes the audience at the beginning of the  second encore in "The Last Waltz," Happy Thanksgiving!

We'll be closed for Thanksgiving proper, but we've got a great weekend of food, beer and cocktails at the Independent starting tonight with Thanksgiving eve.

Picking Up Hitchhikers:

If you make it in this evening or Friday evening, you'll find three new beers from our newest brewery on tap, Hitchhiker Brewing in Mount Lebanon.  We're really thrilled to get these guys on tap, and we're even more thrilled to offer some really interesting beers from them.  I met with Andy, their head brewer, last week and was blown away by their Gratzer, a polish smoked-wheat beer.  If you like all things rauch malt (and, when it's snowing, how can you not?), you're in for a treat.  Check out this really fun beer for at least a taste when you're in tonight.  Many thanks to the guys at Hitchhiker for the opportunity to serve their beer.

Cocktology Medal Lap Saturday:

On Saturday night, Adam is joined behind the bar by the lovely Greta Dunn of Meat and Potatoes and (formerly) of the Tiki Lounge, where she worked with Lucky every Thursday for South Seas Thursdays.  Recently, Adam and Greta finished in second and first place, respectively, in the Pittsburgh Cocktail Week, Disco Drink competition.  I'm hoping that Greta commemorates their one-two finish with a cocktail called "The Ricky Bobby"* and that Adam does the same with a cocktail called "Who Does No. 2 Work For"**  

December 3rd, Secret Vault

Paul Rosenblatt is back on Wednesday, December 3rd for another installation of the Secret Vault.  This time, he's playing deep cuts from his Psych Rock collection.  Don't worry, we'll have beer and to mellow out your trip when that guitar solo starts to get really intense.  

We have a lot to be thankful for at the Independent, and that begins with you folks.  Thank you for the support over the last nine months.  Enjoy your thanksgiving (preferably with a crowler of beer, a snuggie, a cat or three, and a hi-fi surround sound system watching the 2006 Blu-Ray edition of the Last Waltz.  

See you at the Independent!

Pete K.

*  The two people who got this one hopefully laughed a little bit. 

**  Presumably brown-spirit based.