New Year's Eve '87 FAQ


With Christmas under our significantly expanded belts, it's time to focus on New Year's Eve.  As you know, this New Year's Eve, the Independent is going back in time to celebrate New Year's Eve '87/'88 with an 80s Dance Party DJ'd by the one, the only,Matt Buchholtz.  The title?  Hot Tub Mime Machine.  You've been asking questions.  I've got your answers.

Q:  What the F*&k is a Mime Machine, and why does this party have such a weird and confusing name?

A:  That's a two part question.  First, a "Mime Machine" is nothing but stupid word-play on the 2010 John Cusack film titled "Hot Tub Time Machine," in which a group of friends return to their 80s heyday via a time-travelling hot tub.  If we're being generous, we'd give the movie a C minus on the same scale that would rate, say, Fletch as an A+.  But the 80s references were great.  Second, we named the party "Hot Tub Mime Machine" out of a combination of alcohol, exhaustion, and immaturity.  We knew we wanted an 80s party, but we didn't have a name.  I went home drunk, tired and stupid and tweeted out "Hot Tub Mime Machine" because, well, because I'm an idiot.  In retrospect, we probably should have just called the party "New Year's Eve with Fletch" (and, in fairness, every party should be loosely Fletch themed).  In fact, from here on out, this is just a Fletch themed party.

Q:  I see that this thing costs $50, what do I get for my $50?

A:  Food and lots of it. The menu is here. Moreover, once you're in, your beers all cost $4 and you'll have a choice between two $6 punches, made by Adam and Lucky respectively.  Now, even a Fox News "economist" can look at that price and realize that you're going to do far better financially with a $50 entrance plus $4 beer/ $6 punch menu than you would with a "$100 All You Can Drink" function.  If your plan is to drink in excess of 12 craft beers or 8 craft punches, that's your business, but we probably won't be serving them to you.

Q:  You had me at 80s Dance Party.  Who's DJing this and will there be Madonna.  

A:  DJ Matt Buchholtz will be your dance facilitator for the evening, and, yes, he will be playing Madonna.  It's an 80s Dance party -- playing Madonna is axiomatic.

Q:  I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE the 80s and TOTALLY want to wear a COSTUMEE!!!  Can I?

A:  Yes.  In fact, costumes are "requiredish."  "Requiredish" means that you don't HAVE to wear a costume, but you'd have more fun if you did wear a costume, so we're making it a loosely enforced requirement -- much like de-commissioning nuclear weapons, paying taxes or registering for Selective Service as an 18-year-old male.  Trust us.  Costumes are fun.  I myself will be coming as John Cocktoston.  Like the name?  It's Scotch/Romanian.  

Q:  Where/when can I get tickets?  

A:  At the Independent Brewing Company, during hours of operation.  We're selling on premises to avoid service fees (we both win!).  The event is nearly certain to sell out, so get yourself and your friends tickets now.  

Tierra Del Fuego!

Pete K.