Surviving Sunday Evening: Moos and Brews with Wheel and Wedge


Sunday evening:  the nadir of the weekend, when you can not longer ignore the reality that you are returning to work the next morning and that the stuff that you didn't do on Friday (or when you were supposed to go in over the weekend) almost certain remains unfinished.  

It's ok.  We can (and we will) get through Sunday evening together in the only way that we can:  with cheese and beer.  This Sunday at 6 p.m., join the Independent as we partner with Wheel and Wedge, a local and regional cheese purveyor, to dole out tastes of cheese and tastes of beer.  If we're doing our jobs right, that cheese and that beer may even go well together.  

We're excited to be the next stop on Wheel and Wedge's cheese and beer series called "Moos and Brews."  I will work with Alix, head-cheese monger of Wheel and Wedge, to pair six beers with six cheeses.  In addition to introducing each cheese and each beer offered, Alix and I will explain why we made the pairing and explain some basics of beer and cheese pairing generally, allowing you to repeat your experience at home.  There's no better way to impress your friend than by serving them good beer, unless, of course, you serve them good beer AND good cheese, with a side of knowledge.

The class costs $25 and tickets are available on eventbrite, here.  Tickets also include gratuity.  If you can't make it, we hope that you'll check out our friends Wheel & Wedge some other time at their store in the Public Market, in the Strip District.  

The class should last about an hour, and afterwards, the Independent will remain open to sell you beers, crowlers, spirits, cocktails to take the edge off of your Sunday evening.

The end of the weekend sucks, but beer and cheese heal all wounds.

See you at the Independent!

Pete K.