The Independent Will Air Tonight's Pirates Game

No.  We're not putting the TVs back in and renewing Fanattics' cable subscription.  Yes.  We are going to play tonight's Pirates playoff game, which we will stream to a flat screen television through my account.

We stand by our position that televisions, for the most part, ruin good tavern experiences.  And after tonight's game, we will return to our televisionless tavern lifestyle.  However, at the end of the day, if a newly-minted 21 year-old walked into the Indie tonight for her first legal beer, she would have witnessed exactly one season of Pirates playoff baseball in her life.  These things don't come around often.  I'd like to think we'd televise another moon landing.  Pirates playoff appearances are just as rare.

We considered sticking to principle, but rigid adherence to any principle in spite of clear and convincing equities that make its application inappropriate under the circumstances is the type of thinking that causes wars.  We're peaceful people; not war mongers.  And we also happen to be very big Pirates fans.

Accordingly, if you're looking for a place to watch the game in Squirrel Hill tonight where you can drink fresh craft beer, then we'll have a television for you.  But rest assured, other than Pirates playoffs or moon landings, you're not going to see a television in this place.