This Weekend at the Independent (January 9th, 2014)

Hi folks:

It's really cold outside.  And, while it's tempting to stay on your couch and watch re-runs of Northern Exposure*, we're not going to stand by and watch you succumb to seasonal depression.  We've got a bunch of new things kicking around this weekend that will get you off the couch, and back to the people who love you.  

New Food!

Chef Monique and Sous Chef Sam continue to refine their menu for your seasonal tastes.  This weekend we debut five new menu items.  First, we're done making you wait for Fat Tuesdays for the best Gumbo made outside of a city whose name ends with "orleans."  Mo's gumbo is on the menu now, and is sure to cure your wintertime blues (and also sure to make you order another bowl of gumbo).  Second, we noticed that new bear-skin rug and axe you purchased after the Holidays, and you've been looking sharp in those flannels and that burley beard, Mrs. Robinson.  It's winter and nothing says "I'm defeating the elements because I've mastered nature" like 8 ounces of New York Strip Steak.  We now serve that along with a yukon and sweet potato mash and a beer sauce.  I ate it last night, and woke up this morning with 50% more beard thickness and biceps the size of bowling balls.  My wife attested that I was a stronger yet more gentle lover, too.**  Looking for a smaller, but decadent starter?  I suggest the Lamb bake.  Baked leg of lamb joins forces with briny feta and pickled vegetables to create this tasty, middle-eastern dip.  And for the sweet tooth, we've got Baklava with whiskey-roasted walnuts (drizzled with chocolate, of course) as well as a weekly tart special.  My hat is off to the kitchen.  Yours should be too -- or, in light of the weather, you should leave it on and make some other gesture of sincere respect.

New Draft Cocktail!

Malaria season got you down?  Feeling not Spanish enough?  Generally looking for a well-made Gin and Tonic?  Adam's got you covered with our new draft cocktail, the Spanish Gin and Tonic.  It's, frankly, incredible, and light and refreshing (which is good if your New Year's resolution, like mine, was to get more drunk, but less fat).  It's served with star-anise,*** which provides a perfect aroma to pair with the bitterness of Adam's house-made tonic syrup.  Mahon Gin is the perfect Spanish Gin for this drink, so, you know, we, like, use it and stuff.  At $8, it's a steal, and you should probably try it, even if you "don't like Gin," "don't like tonic," or "don't like Gin and Tonics."  Trust us -- this is different.

Alright folks.  Stay strong.  Fight back against the season.  Come to us and let us keep you warm.  We might not have a fireplace, but the crackle of our vinyl record player is proven to keep you even warmer.  

Pete K.  

*  That said, if you can't pry yourself away from Janine Turner and Barry Corbin, we sell 32 ounces of craft beer to go.  They'll ease your pain, 32 ounces at a time.  

**  She didn't so attest.  But we did clean up our daughter's vomit together at around 2 a.m., during which I exemplified neither strength nor gentleness.  

***  Uranise?