This Weekend (July 25th) at the Independent

Gin and Jazz.  

No -- not a Kenny G. remix of the Snoop Dogg classic,* but, instead, two of the bedrock components of the speakeasy of the roaring 20s.  Gin cocktails, Champagne, big jazz bands, swing rhythm, flappers, bow ties, secret passwords** and candlelight.  We'll celebrate all of these on Saturday night, when Adam and Max bring you "Speakeasy Night" from behind the bar at the Independent.  It's going to be classy, and you know that, because Max even made a flyer that contains some words in French.***  (See attached)  So if you like 20s jazz, champagne, cocktails, and generally embrace the notion that our current stock market boom could never end, then you'll love speakeasy night on Saturday.

What are those new taps?

With great pride and joy we now serve beer from Grist House Brewing in Millvale and Milk Man Brewing in the Strip District, two more wonderful additions to the Pittsburgh craft beer scene.  Come give these guys a try at our bar, and be sure to make your way down to their breweries during growler hours to support our newest local brewers.  Thanks to the boys from both Breweries for dealing with my constant pestering to get these beers on tap ASAP.  Again, we're in a golden age of craft beer here in Pittsburgh.

Currently we have the Camp Slap Red Ale on tap from Grist House.  With a healthy dose of dry-hopped citra hops, it first tastes like a west coast IPA, but then finishes like a red ale.  Tasty, tasty stuff.  From Milk Man, we have their first brew of their Single Hop Series, which features Nugget hops, and does so admirably.  Clean flavors make this beer special.  And, while those two kegs will go fast, fear not.  We've got bullets in our chamber from both of these breweries, a Black Rye IPA from Grist House and a Texas Brown (called "Dahntahn Brahn") from Milk Man.  

You serve wine?

Yes.  Yes we do.  I'm long overdue to promote it.  Keeping with our overall feel and philosophy,  we serve local wine made by Tim at Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip District.  Tim makes the wine in his beautiful cellar (if you haven't been there, right now) from imported grapes.  Accordingly, you're getting a locally crafted wine that can compete with the best wines form the regions from which he imports.  We have a Malbec, a red Zin, and Sauvignon Blanc****  Tim also is in the running for "coolest dude in Pittsburgh," which is a prestigious award that I'll never win.

Ok folks:  that's the scoop on this weekend.  See you at the Independent!  (Well, in this case I won't.  I'll be doing the Bourbon Trail of Kentucky with my wife and 9 month old daughter...what?  she's teething!*****)

Pete K.  

*  With so much drama in the IBC?

**  The password is our open doors.

***  Additionally, a cat will immediately class up any function.  Voir:  Attachement deux ("Trop de gin.  Je suis fatigue.")

****  More French!

*****  We don't put bourbon on our daughter's gums.  Truly, we don't.