Hitchcock Halloween Party FAQs

Should I Come to this Party?


Ok, why?

Well, I mean, it's a Hitchcock-themed Halloween party in an old Iron Furnace...

Fair point: Ok, how much does thing cost?

$35 for general admission; $20 for designated driver tickets.  The difference?  Your general admission ticket comes with three drink tickets (value $5 each) and the ability to buy more drink tickets once you run out.  The designated driver ticket comes with the badge of honor that you are keeping your friends safe, and the (necessary and enforced) commitment not to purchase any drink tickets (oh, and we'll also give you free pop/soda/orwhateveryourregioncallsit).  $15 parking tickets and $5 bus tickets from Squirrel Hill are also available.

Where do I buy tickets:

Here.  We are selling tickets exclusively through eventbrite, which will allow us to scan your tickets at the door.  You'll receive wristbands and your three drink tickets when you arrive at the event.

When do I need to buy my tickets:

As soon as possible -- seriously.  We have limited availability and tickets will be first-come; first serve.  As we're finding out very quickly, throwing the party of a lifetime at an old Iron Furnace requires a lot of planning and is, like, expensive and stuff.  As such, we are capping tickets sales at 2500 tickets, and tickets are moving fast.  There is no guarantee that tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event.  

I like to eat and also I 'd like to drink more than three drinks.  Can I do that at this party?

Yes.  Both food and extra drink tickets will be on sale at the event.  Food will be provided by various food trucks and restaurants that are participating.  Additionally, you will be able to purchase additional drink tickets at the event for $5 each.  

Will I be able to use credit cards or should I bring cash?

We're going to leave this up to the individual food vendors.  We'll swipe cards for drink tickets, we can guarantee that much.  But, you should probably bring cash to be safe. We're not going to be in the most "internet friendly" place, and while you will have phone reception, there is a very real possibility of credit card terminals going offline.  Cash hasn't gone offline for the Weimar Republic collapsed, so it's a safer bet.

Let's get down to brass tacks here, mister.  What type of booze will be there?

Brew Gentlemen beer; craft beer from some of Western PA's other fine breweries; several different punches from the Independent, including several punches made from Maggies Farm Rum.   In short, nothing but the best for you folks.  That jungle juice you used to drink in college was effective when it came to helping you make out with that lamp post that one time, but our beer and punches will help you make out with actual people.*

How Do I Get There?

One of four ways:  (1) you can drive to the venue and park ($15); you can buy a bus ticket to and from the Independent in Squirrel Hill ($5); you can park at the Waterfront and take a shuttle form the Pump House (Free); or someone can drop you off and pick you up.    Tickets for parking, the bus, and the shuttle are all available online.  You'll need to purchase and present a ticket to take the bus and shuttle, even for the free shuttle.

I'm from Pittsburgh, and therefore I demand to know:  how dare you charge for parking!?

We are encouraging responsibility, both with respect to the environment and with respect to encouraging designated drivers.  If you ride share with just two other people, parking costs $5 each, which is the same cost as the bus from Squirrel Hill.  Moreover, believe it or not, we will lose money on $5 bus rides and on free shuttle rides (that's not difficult to believe), so we are asking people to pay for parking to offset the cost of group travel in exchange for their convenience.  Our philosophy:  the fewer cars on the road, the better. 

I like your commitment to the environment, what else are you doing to help?

All of the energy for the party will be provided by Zero Fossil, which runs on entirely sustainable energy sources.

This Squirrel Hill Bus of which you speak, can I be late for it?

No.  Be there by 7:15 or don't be there at all.  We're leaving without you.  No refunds.  No traffic excuses.  No nothin'! 

I took the Squirrel Hill Bus, can I go home, like, whenever?

No.  You are committing to staying for the duration of the party, until 1 a.m.  

What about the Shuttle from the waterfront?

That will run back and forth all night.  So, while you are at the mercy of when the next shuttle arrives and leaves, you will be able to leave early or arrive late.

What are the Carrie Furnaces?

They are beautiful monuments to this region's industrial might during the first half of the 20th century.  The original blast furnaces, AC power house, and buildings from this old Iron Mill have all been made National Monuments, and are stewarded by the amazing folks at Rivers of Steel Heritage Foundation  Whether you do it before or after the party, you really, really, really need to tour the Mills with these folks.  More information on that here.  Also, we'd like to note that $1 from every ticket sale is going to Rivers of Steel to help preserve this beautiful space.

What Does One Wear to an old Iron Furnace?

I would recommend a costume, at least for the party.  And, yeah, you should consider tying it into the theme.  You can be a Hitchcock character.  You can dress in 50s or 60s garb and fit in.  And yes, you can be a big, giant bird if you'd like, just please refrain from attacking people.  

What Does One NOT wear to an old Iron Furnace?

Better question.  The most important thing to ensure your comfort and safety is footwear.  The grass courtyard isn't a perfect pitch, and you'll want to be sure that you've got some ankle support for the terrain.  And, inside, portions of the floor are rough concrete or even dirt.  Your feet are going to get dirty one way or the other, but it would be good to cover them.  Also, remember, this event is rain or shine, and while there is plenty of cover in the AC Powerhouse where some of the bars and the dance floor is, the food is all located outside.

I'm a terrible drunk and like to climb fences and disobey signs.  Should I do that at this party?

No.  You'll die.  Seriously, you'll die.  This is not the time or the place to "explore."  Don't think of making a private bathroom for yourself in the blast furnace.  Get out of your mind the (probably reasonably true) notion that it would be fun to have sex somewhere private in an old Steel Mill.  Don't even think about leaving the marked premises.  Let me reiterate:  you'll die. 

My friend is under 21, can she come?

No. Sorry, only 21+ for this event.  No exceptions.

I have this really wonderful cat.  She's a gray tabby, but has these really cute white paws.  Can I bring her? 

No animals, unless a service animal.  


Should I check back and read this again?


Yes.  I'll be updating it frequently.



Pete K. of the Independent Brewing Company


*  Nothing against lamp posts -- they're just not human, though.