This Weekend at the Independent

In this edition of "This Weekend at the Independent," we can draft beers for your at-home enjoyment, we present you with your Halloween plans for the  year, and we announce this Friday's collaboration-beer release party with the Brew Gentlemen and Grist House. 

Crowler Power!

Remember that time you wanted to buy a growler but you were concerned it would go flat before you could finish it?  Remember that time that you couldn't decide between the two beers that you really wanted, and you only had one growler?  Remember that time you forgot your growler at home and we didn't have one on hand?  

Those are all sad memories that you'll never have again!  We introduce you to the Crowler, a 32 ounce can that we seal right at the bar after filling it with any fresh, draft beer of your choice.  How do you get one?  Just ask!  Your friendly IBC bartender will get you a can (or several) and fill it (or them) with whatever beer you request; then she'll seal it before your very eyes, using the 19th-century, modern marvel of the automated canning machine!  We'll charge you the same per-ounce price as you would enjoy in the bar, and you can enjoy that beer on your couch while you raise your children!  

The Independent Brewing Company:  Helping you raise your children one 32 ounce can of beer at a time...

We Present:  Hitchcock!  A Halloween Party at the Carrie Furnaces.  Saturday, November 1, 2014  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW, BEFORE WE SELL OUT!

We are holding a Hitchcock-themed Halloween Party with the Brew Gentlemen at an old iron mill called the Carrie Furnaces.  This party is, without a doubt, the best we've ever been.  Tickets, which are $35 each, include three drink tickets for our bars which will serve fresh Brew Gentlemen Beer and delicious Independent Brewing Company punches made by our cocktologists Adam and Lucky.  We'll have theme-appropriate decorations that will blow your mind (designed by our very own Lex, who happens to be in the Set Design school at CMU when he's not tending bar here).  There will be food trucks and food tents with food for sale if you get hungry.  And, there will be music.  Lots and lots of soul, funk, hip-hop, and dance music pumping through the AC Power House of the iron mill, which will house our, um, literally (not figuratively) industrial dance floor.  This space is huge.  It's beautiful.  And, in short, it is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween.

Tickets on sale here:  Note, parking tickets are an additional $15, but we are running a bus (or multiple buses) to the furnace and back that evening from the Independent.  Tickets for the bus are $5 each.  Parking and shuttle service from the waterfront are free. 

We're throwing this event in conjunction with the wonderful people at Rivers of Steel, the non-profit stewards of the Carrie Furnaces, which is now a National Monument.  For more information on the Carrie Furnaces, please visit Rivers of Steel here:


Brew Gentlemen and Grist House Collaboration-Beer Release Party and co-tap-takeover, this Friday at the IBC

These two excellent breweries are collectively taking seven of our taps on Friday night:  three taps each with the seventh tap hosting the collaboration beer they brewed together:  an imperial pumpkin stout.  Imperial. Pumpkin. Stout.  I'll just stop there.  What else could I write in mid-October that would be more enticing.

Finally, big, big ups to our boys at Four Seasons Brewing Company in Latrobe for the Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival, awarded to them for "the Darkside of the Pint," their wonderful oatmeal stout.  These guys deserve the credit for that beer.  It's phenomenal.  I've got a full keg of it in our coolers here and we're saving it for a big-time medal celebration with the boys from Latrobe.  Stay tuned and we'll announce details on twitter and facebook.  In the meantime, we're celebrating their achievement this week by presenting five of their beers on tap, until they kick.  We know that a lot of folks are going to want to try Western PA's most recent GABF winner, and we have the inventory.  Come order a beer and toast these guys with their other great beers.

Thanks for reading, folks.  And remember, buy those Halloween tickets now.  That is one night that you won't want to be at home drinking crowlers with your kids.

See you at the Independent!

Pete K.