New Sunday and Monday Hours at the IBC

A reminder that we are closed for Brunch on Sundays, but we are now open for dinner, beers, and cocktails on Monday evenings.   

Sour about losing brunch?  Fear not!  Every Monday evening, our menu will include several brunch items, because:

a) who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?;

b) Mondays aren't fun and you need comfort food for dinner; and

c) if you're one of our service industry friends, then you probably missed brunch on Sunday because you were working.  

For the time being, we will only open on Sundays for special events, like this week's MoLOCALar cocktail event from 6-9 p.m. or our frequent Sunday Secret Vault events.  If we're open for a special event, we'll have a limited menu, like Charcuterie plates, so you'll be able to fill your belly with something other than booze.

We're going to start bringing brunch back as a once-every-month, special brunch event, with killer brunch specials and live entertainment.  

Somehow, we've managed to be in this business for seven months now, and, at least since Matt biked by the place at 7 a.m. this morning, we've managed not to burn it down.  We're constantly working to evolve to become a better tavern, and that means serving you better.  We think that shifting our hours is the best way to do that, and we hope that you do to.

To celebrate this inaugural Monday dinner, Matt and I are going to give away our most recent batch of home brew, a West Coast IPA, that we made with dear friend-of-the-bar and our home-brewing partner, Jeff Shook.  We only have five gallons of it, so it will go fast (unless it's terrible, and then, um, we'll just be embarrassed).  

Pete K.