This Labor Day Weekend at the IBC

Just when you were settling in for a quiet Friday evening to start off your "productive" holiday weekend, Four Seasons Brewing Company and the Independent Brewing Company conspire again to give you a vicious Saturday hangover.  Your garage organization project can wait until next weekend.  To paraphrase Cesar Chavez, "you shouldn't work on labor day weekend; even if it's, you know, something you've been putting off for a while, or whatever."  Wise man.  

Habanero Beer

This time we're tapping a very, very limited supply of Four Season's Habanero Oatmeal Stout.  How limited?  5 gallons worth.  We're tapping it right at 5 pm., serving it right out of the firkin on top of the bar, and we're selling it for $4 a pint until every last drip is gone.  It's pepper season, and those habaneros were young, hot and fresh* when they went into the brew.  Get ready to spice it up a notch.


Like your beer to pair well with food?  So does Chef Mo', who is serving agave-roasted pork served with saffron rice, and pineapple-tomatillo and corn salsa.  Tomatillo and corn grown locally.  Pineapple -- not so much, but it's still very tasty.

But wait, there's more!  

We're also running a brown-ale braised veal sausage special tonight, which is served over tumeric grits.  A man or woman of your particular taste and style would do well to pair that with the Milk Man Peppercorn Rye.

Saturday Cocktails

Guest bartending this Saturday is Fredrick.  If I started to go into his qualifications here, you'd still be reading this Sunday morning after he's long gone.  Suffice it to say he's made high-quality cocktails in many bars, in many cities, some of which aren't in Western Pennsylvania.  

Now, he has his own company that presses vinyl for artists.  And, yeah, as you probably already inferred, he has a sick vinyl collection, and yeah, he's bringing some choice notes to pair with his cocktails, which, if rumors are to be believed, will include six different daiquiris.**  So, you know, this will probably be a "good" time.

Sunday Brunch

Folks:  we're doing two more Sunday brunches -- this week and next week -- and then we are going to be transitioning from those hours by opening on Monday evenings.  We've had a lot of fun with brunch, but it hasn't been high demand, and, moreover, we know that a lot of our friends in the service industry could use a beer on Monday evening.  Our last two brunches we're going to have some fun.  Chalkboard menus.  Really exploring the studio space.  Good times.  In sum, you have two weeks to say goodbye to your old friend, IBC Brunch.  But, don't cry too hard. Instead, get ready for Monday night supper and beers.   We're going to keep running brunches on a once-a-month basis.  It'll allow our kitchen to be more adventurous with the menu and allow us in the front of house to do more adventurous things with beer pairings, etc.  We'll keep you posted.

Alright folks, come and get it.  

Pete K. 

* Young, hot and fresh.

**And I only thought you could make five!