The Death of International Fries Night


Like all good things, International Fries Night must come to an end.  Tonight will be the last night that we pile perfectly cooked fries on a plate with yummy, loosely-nationalistic toppings heaped atop.  The revolution was fought.  The revolution was lost.  There are no winners.  The victims are all of us, who gained 5 - 15 pounds.  War is hell.

But, International Fries Night does not die in vain.  It was always something that we knew we wanted to eliminate, a delicious and easy place holder while our kitchen ramped up to full service.  You may recall, initially we served only dips and chips on Tuesdays, and then only International Fries on Wednesdays.  When we added Wednesday to our full dinner service schedule, IFN moved to Tuesdays.  And now, starting next week, our dinner menu will extend all the way to Tuesday night.   We are very excited to now serve a consistent, high quality dinner menu every night that we are open (Tuesday through Saturday), along with Saturday and Sunday Brunch.  Four months after we've opened, we are very proud of the progress of our kitchen.

That said, International Fries Night was good times and we should say goodbye.  So, tonight, we say goodbye to our five favorites:  Indian, German, French, Spanish, and Jamaican.  As always, each big heaping plate is only $7.50.  And we'll have "Kick these Kegs" $4 beer specials running throughout the night.  

See you at the Indie!

Pete K.