This Weekend at the Independent

Not Your Average Burger

It took us a year, but we're excited to announce that we have a burger on the menu. Last night we released three new additions to the daily dinner menu, one of which is our Lamb Kafta Burger.  The Burger itself is a Middle-Eastern spiced lamb patty, which is grilled to perfection.  It's topped with asiago cheese, pickled onions and cucumbers, arugula, and a harissa lebneh, which is a chili spiced yogurt sauce.  It's wonderful.  And, if you're a vegetarian, you'll love our falafel burger, topped with the same toppings.  Both burgers pair well with any IPA or hoppy beer on our menu.  We know that people love burgers with their beer, but it was important to us to find something unique that fit both Mo's signature style and also our aspiration to provide an experience that is different and unique, and not just another addition to an already very crowded burger-and-beer-bar field.  

Another dream beer pairing opportunity on this new menu is the pork chop.  This 8 ounce beauty, served on a yukon-potato and goat-cheese mash with a mustard cream sauce and fried Brussel Sprouts, just begs to pair with any stout or porter on the menu.  

Friday (TONIGHT) Impromptu Happy Hour:  Crowded Beer Coolers and Anticipation of New Beers =  $2 Off All Beers from 5-7 p.m.*  

If I seem happier than you are, it's only because I happen to know about all of the great beer in our coolers waiting to be tapped.  This weekend promises to be particularly fun.  We have Hitchhiker's Kolsch, Roundabout's Maui Wit and Winter Warmer, a Tripel from Four Seasons, Full Pint's Gus and Perc-E-Bust, Costar's Maple Oatmeal Stout, the Brew Gentlemen's Mammoth Weizenbock, a Maibock from Lavery and much, much more, just waiting in the wings.  Now, it's not that you folks haven't been drinking enough beer (January boasted our highest beer sales yet -- yes -- January).  It's that (and, you might have already put this together from the size of my vinyl collection) I have a bit of a problem passing up a quality product that might be gone the next day (and that's even worse when I really like the guys selling it to me).  So, you know, I buy it.  And, right now, I need to move it -- unchecked-compulsive-shopping-problem in your favor.  $2 off all beers from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  And while we're at it, let's keep it on the one tonight.  Officially, we're calling this the "Funkin' on Friday Night in February Happy Hour."

Ok folks, See you at the Independent!

Pete K.

* I buried the lede.