This Weekend of March 6th at the Independent

Dear Friends,

If my pen has fallen silent, rest assured in your knowing that it is not because I have lost any affection for you; it is only that, in my old age, it now takes me a bit longer to recover from hangovers of the type that I suffered following our one-year anniversary party.  But, I'm back, well-rested, and ready to inform you of our weekend's going-ons. 

"In the topsy-turvey world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful."

We agree, Ian Faith, manager of Spinal Pap!*  And that's why we're upgrading our cheese plates into cheese boards.  These walnut beauties are hand-made by our friends at Perry & Company and should be ready to go on Saturday.  Our cheese and meats are fancy pants products** -- it was time to give them the respect they deserved.  

It's normally indicative of a slow news week when you're reporting on upgrades to your plating inventory, but that's not the case here.  Because at the IBC, when we give you a good solid piece of wood in your hand, we go to eleven.  And as such, tomorrow, we present "Impromptu Spinal Tap Theme Night," to celebrate our new cheese boards.

Lucky the Painproof man will be behind the bar tomorrow, dressed something like a bearded version of Nigel Tuffnel, slinging world-whiskey cocktails with a fake English accent.  Be sure to try the "Goes to Eleven," however, be advised that with a drink one louder than all of its competitors, there is a limit of two per customer.    

Beyond pairing cheeses with Lucky's cocktails, Monique's Saturday special is "Falafel Scottish Eggs," an Egyptian-Scottish*** merger of culinary concepts that is mind blowing.

And of course, the vinyl will be in theme.  We'll be playing your favorite records from British rock bands all night, with a particular emphasis on Deep Purple.  

Beer Nerds Rejoice:  Elk Creek Comes Back On Tap

Two kegs from Elk Creek Cafe and Ale House (the furthest-away member of our family of breweries, which is located in Millheim, PA) are landing in our coolers this evening sometime around 9 p.m.  Expect to see Elton's ESB on nitro and the Po Daddy Porter come on tap sometime over the course of tomorrow -- two great beers from a deep-cut brewery that I wish we could carry more often.  

Have You Joined Us for Lunch Yet?

After a few weeks, lunch times at the IBC are starting to taking shape.  Monique and her catering partner are making healthy and really tasty options that are ready to go when you get here, and ready to take with you if you're on the move that day.  Whether you have ten minutes for lunch or you're playing hooky and having beers, the IBC is a great lunch option to keep in mind.  Additionally, on the Thursdays through Saturdays that we're open for lunch, we're running happy hour specials from 3 to 5 p.m., during which all beers are $2 off.  And, from 11-5 on those same days, we're offering "Crowler Hours" -- that is 25% off all Crowlers.  As always, we have good tunes playing on vinyl and friendly and we offer friendly and spirited conversation. 

See you at the Independent! 

Pete K.

* One of England's loudest bands.  Typo intentional.

**  Disclaimer:  None of the cheeses nor the meats wear with pants.   

***  Scottish-Egyptian, actually.