This Weekend at the Independent

At the Independent, we're filling the long summer days as we always do with good beer, good food, and good cocktails.  No corners cut in our operation.  We make things from scratch, in-house (well, except the beer, which we, you know, buy), and we showcase the finest local ingredients Pittsburgh has to offer.  What's more, we've got some great events in store for you this weekend, including a really interesting event with the Carnegie Museum of Art, with which I shall lead.


Sunday:  "Outside Art" with the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Skibo Society 5 p.m. until 9 pmish; tickets are $5.

On Sunday, we're very honored to host "Outside Art" in conjunction with the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, and the Skibo Society, a group of young folks working to engage a new generation of art lovers with the museum.  This event will (predictably, in light of our involvement) be booze-centric, and will feature works of art from the the CMOA's art lending collection that will temporarily adorn our walls (each work of art will be booze related).  The official event will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will include (short) presentations (two minutes or less) from a number of various artists, curators, and other community members (including a comedian) regarding a specific piece of art.  Tickets are available here.  One dollar from every alcoholic beverage sold that evening will be donated to the Carnegie Museum of Art.


Saturday Cocktails: Classic Sours

Fans of citrus rejoice!  Adam is back behind the bar on Saturday, giving you his take on classic "sour" drinks.   What's a sour?  Allow Adam to explain:

The “sour” (or “sahr” in the local dialect) is a broad category of cocktails which rely upon a balance of sour citrus — typically lemon or lime — and sweetness. Fear not: “Sour” cocktails are not actually sour.

One of the drinks Adam will be offering is the tiki classic, the 1963 Zombie, which Adam warns if you do not agree that it is the best drink ever, he will fight you (or finish your Zombie).


Friday Food Specials

When you walk into the Independent, don't forget to take a look at the Chalk Board (or listen to your server) to check out our daily food specials.  Monique has been hitting them out of the park, and tonight is no exception.  Goat Meatballs (with gilled pineapple and green tomatoes) and Crawfish (with grits, of course -- we're not animals) highlight tonight.

Thanks folks, and see you at the Independent!

Pete K.