July 3rd is ... Independent's Day

On July 4th, the Independent will be closed so that we (and you) can enjoy backyard BBQs, create dangerous home fireworks displays, and observe the anniversary of the day when a group of wealthy, white men decided that they'd rather start a war than keep paying taxes.

But, on Friday, July 3rd, the Independent will host the box office event of the summer: "INDEPENDENT'S DAY:  THESE COLORS DON'T RUN ... OUT OF BEER."  

Join us for an all day affair (open at noon for lunch) that celebrates the best of America:  Barbecue, cold beer, booty-shaking funk and soul music, and George Washington's bender beverage of choice, the Fish House Punch.

A True story regarding Fish House Punch: Notorious booze hound, and first president of the United States,  George Washington once went on a three-day, Fish-House-Punch-induced bender at Philadelphia's legendary fishing club (and claimed inventors of the Fish House Punch), "the State of Schuykill." following the close of the Revolutionary War.   In fairness, when you've defeated the World's most powerful empire, you've earned the right to get hammered for a few days.  A note to the early-American barman:  Just don't try to cut the good General off.

See you on July 3!

Pete K