This Weekend of May 29th at the Independent

This weekend at the Independent:  Beer!  Agave!  Pork Chops!  Other Stuff!*


If you follow us on facebook, you may have seen a photo of the glorious beer that I was enjoying at Elk Creek Cafe + Ale House, in little Millheim, PA (about 20 minutes southeast of State College).   Of the breweries whose beer we carry, Elk Creek has the distinction of being the furthest away, but they're still west of the a line drawn down the center of this fine Commonwealth, and we think that makes them fair game to call "local."  Moreover, Tim, their brewer, makes some damn fine beer that you can't get anywhere else in town.  In short, don't worry, we brought you a taste.  Be sure to check out their easy-drinking Winkleblink Ale (an American wheat beer) and the Colyer's Kolsch, both of which are perfect on a hot day.


Monique makes a damn fine pork chop, and fortunately for you one such pork chop happens to be tonight's special:  Pork chop (locally raised) with sauteed greens, grilled peaches, and a sweet BBQ glaze.  $13.  Do it.


For "shock and awe" Saturday cocktails, Lucky loses the grass skirt and dons the Sombrero, as he bombs your palate into submission with tequila and mezcal coctkails.  In time, your taste buds will greet him as a liberator.   #MissionAccomplished.  

See you at the Independent!

Pete K.

*  There wasn't really any other stuff.