Tonight at the Independent: New Summer Food Menu and Around the World in Four Cocktails

Exciting things are happening these days at the Independent.  You may have noticed the dumpster out front and the building permit in the window next door; or perhaps it was the sounds of the hammer drill* that drew your attention.  Either way, construction has begun on our expansion, and we couldn't be more excited about what we're planning to bring you fine people once it's done.  But in the meantime, we're not letting the promise of great things to come distract us from working hard to do great things behind the bar and in the kitchen that we already have.  


As she does every few months, Chef Mo' has revisited our menu and added and subtracted items to be sure that we're bringing you the most seasonally-appropriate and locally-sourced deliciousness that we can offer.  Our food menu underwent some summer tweaks that debuted last night with great success.  Come in tonight to enjoy the Pickled Pepper Pork Pita, which delights the tongue as much as its name twists it.**  Slow roasted, pulled pork (locally sourced) wrapped in a pita with Mo's house-made whiskey barbecue sauce and pickled sweet and hot peppers, give this saucy little number the bite and balance it needs to earn a fifth "P" -- "Pamazing."  Acting a bit crabby on an empty stomach?  Fight crab with more crab and enjoy our new Crab Cakes.  Jalapeño peppers give these perfectly cooked beauties a bit of heat that is complimented by a lemon sage sauce and roasted peppers.   For a refined take at a classic, try our Chicken Milanese.  Mo' lightly fries local chicken breast, and brightens it with a Mediterranean salad of artichoke, kalamata olive, feta, and greens.  Finally, savory, meet sweet;  sweet, meet savory -- you guys will get along great along side some gin figs on our chocolate and cheese pairing board.  Our Cheese and Chocolate Pairing Board is the perfect dessert or the perfect snack, depending on the mood of you and your sweet and savory partner.  Our selections of chocolates and cheeses vary daily, depending on the whims of Chef Mo' and the offerings of our good friends at Wheel & Wedge and the Chocolate Moose.

Tonight:  Around the World in Four Cocktails

Lucky is your barman tonight, and in Lucky's usual style, he's pulling on a diverse array of ingredients and influences to take you on a journey that will turn your palate into a hot air balloon (and shorten your travel time by 79 days and 20 hours).  Lucky is using Portobello Road Gin, an old-style London gin with a well-honed blend of botanicals and spices, as the common base spirit in four different cocktails, each of which draws on a different set of flavors from a different place on earth.  Tonight, travel from Italy to Egypt, then to India, and finally to Korea, all without leaving your barstool, with Lucky's ambitious set of cocktails.

See you at the Independent!

Pete K.

*  Easily the most erotic of power tools.

** Boom!  Rhetorical hammer drill.